Sandman “No Prisoners (Alan Johnson Remix)”


Frederic Robinson - Live Signals - album preview (out now)

Kelela’s debut mixtape CUT 4 ME out October 1st on Fade to Mind

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Track listing:
01. Guns & Synths [Prod. Bok Bok, Napolian, Tariq & Garfield]
02. Enemy [Prod. Nguzunguzu]
03. Floor Show [Prod. Girl Unit]
04. Do It Again [Prod. NA]
05. Go All Night (Let Me Roll) [Prod. Morri$]
06. Bank Head (Extended) [Prod. Kingdom]
07. Cut 4 Me [Prod. Kingdom]
08. Keep It Cool [Prod. Jam City]
09. Send Me Out [Prod. Kingdom]
10. Go All Night (Let it Burn) [Prod. Morri$]
11. Something Else [Prod. Nguzunguzu]
12. A Lie [Prod. Bok Bok]
13. Cherry Coffee [Prod. Jam City]

IΛ001 Podcast - Displaced Paranormals - Inception:Λudio

I:Λ - Brings you closer to the Λliens , Λlien Drum n Bass , Recorded Area 44
Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind , Human-Initiated contact with Extraterrestrials



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Etcht EP001 by Consequence, Distributed by STHoldings

"Fis’ production mix for Tropical Waste"

Before he plays at Tropical Waste (Thursday June 12th) and at Dummy’s stage at the Camden Crawl (Friday June 20th), Tri Angle producer Fis shares a mix of all-original productions.

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01. Fis - Dist CL [unreleased]

02. Fis - Drum Rain [from the ‘Iterations’ EP on Tri Angle]

03. Fis - Sub Larynx [unreleased]

04. Fis - Untitled [unreleased]

05. Perera Elsewhere - Carousel (Fis remix) [from Perera Elsewhere’s ‘Everlast’ Deluxe Edition]

06. Fis - Untitled [unreleased]

Felix de Luca “Ass So Fat” (Filip Ja Remix)


Felix de Luca - Ass So Fat [Filip Ja Remix] (SoundEsc)
Captain Murphy - Between Villains Ft Viktor Vaughn (BrainFeeder)
Doctor Zygote - Run Out Groove (Zoot Records)
J Dilla - Oxtopus [Boom Boom] (White)
ONOE CAPONOE - MILKYWAY 1311 (Audio Doughnuts)
Heralds of Change - Spotted (All City Ireland)
Bambooman - Knox (Sonic Router)
Strange U - The Cake Is a Lie (Eglo Records)
Andy Stott - North To South (Modern Love)
Seb Rochford & Jehst-Seven Nine Zulu [Hello Skinny remix] (The Leaf Label)
Reginald Omas Mamode IV - Do You? (Five Easy Pieces)
J.angle Pilsner (White)
? - ? (White)
Zack Christ - I Got Hard Wobs And So Many Huneys M8 (Infinitemachine)
Downliners Sekt - This American Life (InFiné Music)
Demdike Stare- Primitive Equations (Modern Love / White)
Airhead - Black Ink (R&S Records)
Blawan - Potchla Vee (Hessle Audio

Taken from the Dulcet EP.
Out now on 12” & digital via Sonic Router Records.
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Thriftworks ‘Die Gracefully’ Ft. DH the Mythicalifornian (V/A: Uprising - Project: Mooncircle, 2013)

Gesloten Cirkel - Submit-X

Colo - The View from Nowhere (Monokle Remix)



Jeff Mills - Striping Effect (Axis)
Szare - Volya / Action Five (Idle Hands)
Zenker Brothers - Vamp Like (Tresor)
Sleeparchive - Ronan Point 1 (Tresor)
Batu - Castrol (Unreleased)
Beneath - Worried (No Symbols)
Black Mags - Badda (Unreleased)
19.454. - When I Think Of… (Horizontal Ground)
Pris - Scuff (Resin)
Alex Coulton - Bounce (Pev Remix) (ytiviL dnuoS)
Deuce - Cue Ed (Ostgut Ton)
Pris - If She Cracks, She Bears (Forthcoming Resin)
Kobosil - Path (MDR)
Szare - Swarm (Frozen Border)
Kowton - Jam01 (Beneath Remix) (Livity Sound)
PH.2 - Constellation (Unreleased)
Bruce - Sensitive (Unreleased)